SBSTTA24: “A draft monitoring framework for the post-2020 global biodiversity framework”
Submissions by SPNHC and Statistical Genetics (for details see here), August 2020

SBSTTA24: “Detailed Scientific and Technical Information Related to the Proposed Goals and Targets in the updated zero draft of the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (CBD/SBSTTA/24/INF/21)”
Submission by SPNHC, April 2021

SBSTTA24: Survey on proposed Headline Indicators
Contribution by SPNHC, May 2021

SCBD: Policy options and criteria framework for Digital Sequence Information (DSI) on Genetic Resources (GR)
Contributions to the online discussion initiated by the Secretariat of the CBD in April/May 2021. Background information can be found on the website of the associated webinar series.

SBI3: “Commitments from actors other than national governments in the context of an enhanced planning, monitoring, review and reporting mechanism (CBD/SBI/3/11/Add.6) (ANNEX B)”
Submission by SPNHC, May 2022