Statistical Genetics is a consulting company that provides independent and impartial quality and impact assessment and strategic consulting.

Services include

  • Consulting for and assessment of existing projects and materials
  • Development of and support during the transfer from research to application
  • Preparation of expert opinions
  • Project planning, support and management
  • Training and Teaching

Should you have questions with regard to how to proceed, we will clarify together your objectives, as well as, suitable approaches to achieving your goals.

Existing Projects and Materials

Contact Statistical Genetics for consulting with regard to existing materials, results and conclusions. The consultations provide you with a better understanding of employed analytical approaches. Expert assessments of the current state establish a reliable foundation for decisions and next steps.

Existing materials can be, for example, project plans and descriptions; grant applications; existing samples; empirical or simulation data; statistical analyses and methodological approaches; their results, interpretations and conclusions; manuscripts, publications, as well as, existing literature.

In approaching your project and materials, inquiries are specifically aimed towards the sufficiency of available information to answer a given question and their usefulness for a certain (applied) goal.

Joining everything together, a final review checks if reasoning and lines of evidence are logical, intelligible and conclusive.

Transfer from Research to Application

Consulting for the transfer from research and development into effective and reliable applications focuses on

  • the sufficiency and usefulness of sampling designs, empirical data and statistical approaches,
  • the validation and reproducibility, thus, trustworthiness of applied results and conclusions under realistic operating conditions.

Specifically in applied contexts, the consultations consider

  • questions of standardization, interoperability and expandability, as well as, (IT-)security of analytical environments, data infrastructures and chains-of-custody.
  • the fit between scientific and applied objectives, as well as, the specific characteristics of applied statistical approaches.

Expert Opinions

Preparation of expert opinions regarding genetic casework and results of diagnostic genetic tests.

These might concern, for example, the identification of individuals, parentage and kinship, as well as, the origin of a sample in a specific population, taxonomic lineage or geographic region.

For end consumers of statistical analyses, Statistical Genetics offers consultations explaining the analytical background of and the results from casework and diagnostic tests. Consulting includes advice on how to interpret results and assess their reliability.

Project Planning, Support and Management

Contact Statistical Genetics with a project idea, a specific research or applied question and task, the plan for a workflow or the development of a work environment.

Your ideas and plans will be developed in close communication with you. Statistical Genetics can support your project at all steps throughout its duration.

  • The foundation for development and expansion in the future is laid by considering, from the start, a project’s wider context and taking a longer-term view.
  • The feasibility of an implementation and its required resources are evaluated, always keeping your objectives in mind.
  • Troubleshooting and research towards solutions enable studies to successfully move forward.

Training and Teaching

A primary goal of Statistical Genetics is to act as a facilitator between statistical analyses and their users. In all assignments and at all levels, the focus is on developing the understanding necessary to employ statistical approaches and to confidently and reliably interpret statistical results in science, application and everyday life.

Teaching, training and coaching are offered for basic statistics, modern statistical approaches and advanced statistical genetics for students, scientists and professionals in the natural sciences, as well as, interested consumers and stakeholders.