since 2023  The Natural History Museum, London UK, data architect
since 2019  Statistical Genetics, freelance scientist
2008-2018   Thünen-Institute of Forest Genetics, Senior Scientist
2005-2008   Thünen-Institute of Forest Genetics, Postdoc
2003-2005   University of Düsseldorf, Bioinformatics, Postdoc
1997-2003   University of Chicago, Chicago USA, PhD
1995-1997   University of Kiel, Mathematics
1988-1995   University of Kiel, "Diplom"-Biologist (cp. M.S.)
1987-1988   University of Würzburg, Biology

As an evolutionary biologist with over 25 years of professional experience, Dr. Buschbom has extensive expertise in the areas of ecology, evolutionary biology and genetics, computational biology and statistics.

Her focus has been on statistical-genetic analyzes since she started to work with DNA-sequence data in 1997. She is interested in assessing the quality and reliability of genetic data and analyses, and in realistic interpretations of their results.

Dr. Buschbom has in-depth experience in the design, planning and implementation of scientific projects. She investigates up-to-date research questions in basic science and conducts research with application-relevant goals. She is familiar with all parts of project management and independently managed projects from the design to their conclusion and the publication of results.