The services of Statistical Genetics are centered around consulting for and evaluations of scientific and statistical quality.

The core of the expertise and experience is formed by analyses of genetic and genomic data at all temporal and spatial scales. These range from phylogenetic and population-genetic (e. g., assignment of origin, conservation genetics) ranges to questions of kinship, parentage and individuation.

Key objectives are

  • evaluations of empirical data
  • selection and assessment of statistical approaches for inference and prediction
  • inquiries into the usefulness of “best” models (model checking)
  • assessment of proposed hypotheses and interpretations in light of empirical data
  • discussion of results as the basis for reliable conclusions and risk assessment
  • design of projects for resolution and reliability
  • research for solutions of concrete objectives and obstacles

Statistical Genetics’ approach takes into account the entire work process and environment.

Transfer to application

Promoting the transfer of science to application, Statistical Genetics accompanies the process by developing concepts and providing consulting for

  • strategical decisions for use cases, from individual projects and casework to large-scale workflows
  • the design and practical implementation of research and applied projects, including
    • chain-of-custody
    • data infrastructure
    • analytical environment
    • documentation, reporting and publication
    • standardization, validation and IT-security

The goal is to arrive at practical tools that are trustworthy, robust while being versatile, and effective, as well as, efficient under realistic operating conditions.